Technique: Rowing Tips


Technique: Rowing Tips

In this weeks #TechniqueTuesday, our very own rowing aficionado, Guillermo Salas, gives us a few cues and tips. The first issue we see a lot of athletes doing is finishing the row with their elbows flared out. By fixing this first, we create efficient driving of the row, and when you do this hundreds of times, it can add up.

The second common fault we see is on the recovery; impatience in mechanics and knees bending early before the arms lengthen can cause the handle path to go “over the mountain” aka knees as Guillermo mentions.

Lastly, overextending in the catch and rounding the shoulders puts us in a bad position with the heels up, wearing down our quads and legs prematurely.

To improve your row, drive through your heels, keep your chest up, and maintain a fluid motion regardless of how hard you pull. #technique #badgerbuilt #badgercrossfit #consistency #results