Technique: The Butterfly Kip


Technique: The Butterfly Kip


The butterfly kip (pull-up) is an advanced way to perform a pull-up. It allows a CrossFitter to perform more repetitions in a shorter period of time, which generates greater power output. As in our past videos about the pull-up, having a base strength later is required to be even considering this style of pull. To start, you need to have a base level of 10-15 Chest-to-Bar pull-ups unbroken with either a strict or kipping pull-up. Once you have it, begin working on this skill

Often, we see athletes who are unable to perform the smaller version of the true butterfly and think they must get their chin over the bar to begin this skill work. The issue is that this is not really a strength skill, so you don’t need to get high on your pull just yet. Rather, it is a technique and neurological motor pattern that needs to be practiced and worked on in a smaller scale. We always like to have athletes start small as shown, and work up to larger pulls once the rhythm, timing and technique has been established

If you have a desire to get a butterfly but do not know where to begin, give us a shout

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