September’s Featured Athlete: Ian Westermann


September’s Featured Athlete: Ian Westermann

Name: Ian Westermann

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Age: 31

CrossFitting since: April, 2012

Favorite WOD or movement: Deadlift

Least favorite WOD or movement: Overhead Squats

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit? I perused tennis heavily from age 10 on, playing both high school and college tennis competitively. I “worked out” during those years but never anything very organized or purposeful, usually just piecing together things that I personally thought would help.

How did you get into CrossFit? I don’t even remember how I first heard about CrossFit, but it was during a point in time that I had fallen to my weakest state since graduating college and I knew I had to do something about it again. I did some quick searching around on the internet about it and signed up for a free intro class that same week.

How have you changed since starting Badger CrossFit? I gained 10lbs of muscle in my first two months of CrossFit. As a weak, underweight ectomorph that was a huge deal and I continue to get stronger. The part of my body that was benefitted the most is my back. I never realized how weak/deficient it was until I started doing CrossFit.

What are your goals for 2012? Where are you in terms of achieving them? I would like to gain another 15lbs before the end of this year for a total of 175lbs. I’m in the process of ramping up the number of times per week I go to the gym to work out as well as probably adjusting the types of workouts I do while there.

What makes Badger CrossFit unique? The people and culture. It isn’t condescending, it isn’t elitist. It’s welcoming, encouraging and inspiring instead. You won’t be looked down upon no matter where you’re starting with your fitness goals, and yet even if you’re already in amazing condition I guarantee there are athletes there that will challenge you to improve.

Any best BCF stories? Tbd

What advice do you have for people just getting started?  Don’t be afraid or intimidated, there is absolutely no reason to be. I think most people associate CrossFit with incredibly ripped, stupidly in-shape people and figure that’s how everybody is that does these workouts. It’s not. It’s regular people just like you that aren’t afraid of working hard to improve themselves and their lives. Just come try it, you’ll be surprised.