November Committed Club (2017)


November Committed Club (2017)

Congratulations to the following members for their dedication to their training! Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness performance gains. The more you’re at Badger CrossFit, the closer you are to your goals! Many came, but didn’t RSVP and Check-in to classes.  To be a part of the committed club, you must check in and WOD 20 times or more in one month. Details are here.

This month’s crew of >=20 classes (if you’re name is missed, it’s most likely you didn’t do both check-in and RSVP to class):

  • Betsy Karli
  • Jenny Barbera
  • Johanna Sehloff
  • Michelle Maternowski
  • Ryan Ford (Function member!)
  • Therese Ellis

When you see them, give them a high five! Amazing work everyone….  And congrats to Jenny Barbera on winning this month’s gift for being “Committed!” 😉  Jenny had the most overall days- 22!  She is committed to her fitness and bettering herself.  Keep it up Jenny!