More updates…


More updates…

Thanks to everyone for the inquiries and offers. We have quite a bit of interest coming from people on when we’re opening, etc so I wanted to write another update. We only have about a week and a day to get things all set up, but we’re working hard as we can get thing done. Things will not be 100% the way we want them right off the bat, but we will be able to accommodate all the workouts, people, etc right away. We have windows, garage door, fencing, etc. that all still needs to be taken care of in the future, but those are not important when it comes to the workouts or function of the place.


-The bathroom is half done and will be completed tomorrow.
-The pull-up structure will be in next week and we’re hoping to get it up on the wall in time for the Grand Opening party.
-We are laying down the mats tonight
-Plyos are being assembled tonight.
-Ropes, rings, and banner will be hung tonight or tomorrow..
-…and LOTS MORE to be done!

But again, we will be able to host classes, Elements, PT, etc. by next week so please be sure to sign up for your FREE workout, Elements Course, or if you’re experienced, our Group Classes! Contact us today!