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Member Monday: Michael McNamara

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This week we check in with Chef Michael McNamara — Crossfitting since: A few brief stints at some other local boxes, but at BCF since 8/14 — A little about yourself: Chef with a local restaurant group, interested in cooking, gardening, playing tennis and listening to baseball. Married to the lovely @Michelle Maternowski who attends the 5:30 class more often than I do. Together we live the Tosa dream with a dog and weekly trips to Rocket Baby. (Tyler, Rocket Baby > Cranky Als.) You can usually find me towards the bottom of the men's scaled division in sugar wod — How did you get into CrossFit? I remember a good friend of mine totally drinking the koolaid long before I knew anyone else that was, probably 2007ish. Fast forward a few years (2011) and I had just moved back to the area and noticed one of those gyms that opened up close to where I was staying. I stopped in, joined, but left a few months later when I moved in with my now wife. I tried other gyms but nothing ever stuck. Some time later, Michelle won a free function class to the local box and we've been at badger since — How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym? Stamina: as a chef I work long hours on my feet, but am still up for a wod after a long day. I also have a really comfortable red sweatshirt now — What makes Badger CrossFit unique? As someone who has been to a few gyms in the area I can say BCF has a great facility, and others members before me have mentioned the community (of which I have made several good friends) but I will go with the coaches; very helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and always ready to let me know about my form so I don't cause long term damage to my back — Advice for people just getting started: It is something I still struggle with almost three years in: Go. Just go. Taking a night off sounds really nice, or you might have a lot to do, but no one has ever regretted going to a workout after it is done. More specific to newer members is that yes you'll probably be really bad at it, extremely sore after each workout, and not know anybody at first, but that all will change if you continue to go

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