Meet Kevin Trimmer – BCF Intern!


Meet Kevin Trimmer – BCF Intern!

Meet Kevin Trimmer!

Written by intern Badger CrossFit coach Kevin Trimmer

Hey guys and girls, my name is Kevin, and I am one of the two new intern coaches at BCF.  You may have seen me helping out during one of the early 5:30AM / 6:30AM classes or working out in the late evenings… for others we have been working out together at BCF for over a year now (if you fall into this latter category, feel free to stop reading now).  However, with so many new athletes around BCF these days, I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself and let you know a little more about me and why I want to coach.

First off, let me tell you what a privilege it is to have the opportunity of working with our community of amazing athletes at BCF.  Some of you know that I travel a decent amount for work – sometimes internationally.  During these trips I’ve had opportunities to drop in for a WOD at other CrossFit boxes around the globe.  Some have been better experiences than others – some provide exceptional training, others have exceptional athletes, while some are simply state-of-the art facilities.  What I can tell you is that I have never found another box that compares overall to BCF.  While we certainly have the facilities, equipment, and training on par with or even better than other gyms, what really sets BCF apart in my mind is the community of members and support provided from each and every athlete.  This is not something that can be taught or purchased, and it’s what inspires me to improve myself and others whenever I step through the door.

So a little about me…. First off, I’m not from these parts nor do I have any family in the area.  I was born and raised in Toledo, OH and grew up on the shores of Lake Erie.  Toledo (and most Ohio cities) very much resembles a smaller version of Milwaukee.  As a kid I grew up boating/fishing in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.  I played pretty much every sport growing up and narrowed that to football and basketball in high school.   After my sophomore year, I found that my true passion was football and I focused on it (the fact that I didn’t get any taller after 8th grade MAY have played into this decision too…).  I was really good at football but only had the size to play at DII / DIII colleges.  Since the only colleges I was interested in were Ohio State and MIT… I knew football would end for me at 18 years old.

I ended up going to Ohio State on a full-scholarship for academics and the fact that I was a golf caddy (yes this is a real thing, if you don’t believe me look up “Evans Scholarship”… if you have kids I strongly suggest getting them into caddying!).  While at Ohio State (hopefully all of you Badger fans didn’t throw up when you read I am a Buckeye) I earned a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and met my beautiful wife Erin (originally from Northern suburbs of Chicago).  While Erin was active all throughout college and on the OSU water polo team, my physical activity consisted mainly of occasional intramural sports and 12oz curls for time.  This time represents a pretty sad chapter in my physical fitness journey, but I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

I took a job with Eaton Corporation out of College and temporarily moved to Asheville, NC (Erin stayed in Columbus).  During this time, I ran 8-10 miles a day and ate plain chicken breasts for pretty much every meal.  I dropped about 25lbs but looked like death.  I had no muscle tone whatsoever.  I thought I was in great shape. Then I got transferred to Milwaukee (Erin came with this time) and continued this eating/exercise pattern as we trained for the Chicago Marathon.  By the time we finished that marathon, I was so tired of the running/strict eating and went in the opposite direction.  If Milwaukee is the land of beer/brats/fried foods – than I was the king of Milwaukee.  We joined a global gym (Ballys) and actually went regularly however my diet was awful.  While my bench press and bicep curls became extremely impressive, my belly grew at a faster rate and I ballooned up to nearly 230 pounds at one point in 2010 .

That was pretty much how it went for me until I met my best friend from Toledo for lunch in Chicago in 2011.  He is a Navy Seal and his wife at the time was a Marine officer.  He talked about this new workout programming (CrossFit) they were doing in their spare time and “suggested” I should try it (nice way of saying “Wow Kevin, you got fat”).  I did a little research and found BCF had recently opened in Tosa.  I came in for a free Saturday class, got my butt royally kicked in 10 minutes or less, and went straight home to tell Erin I was joining this crazy place.

The rest is history… Week 1 Fran time was 15:58 (and that was with a band on pull-ups).  After three weeks it was 10:12.  After a few more weeks 6:50, etc.  I gained strength in every movement, greater mobility, increased stamina, not to mention dropped nearly 50lbs (now I’m actually trying to GAIN).  BCF has truly been a life transformation for me as I apply the same focus and dedication we all do inside of the gym into my everyday life.  Without the community and support found at BCF, my personal transformation never would have happened as I didn’t know how to really push myself anymore.  Now my passion is to help other members have the same experience that I have had (and continue to have).

If you ask me what my favorite memory is at BCF – I’ll probably rattle off three or four times where other people accomplished something great – first pull-up, first muscle-up, first rx WOD, etc.  This is why I’m so excited at the chance to help coach at BCF.  I can promise that I’ll try my hardest to make sure you get wherever it is that you are looking to go, and will proudly cheer the loudest once you get there.

Thanks and take care.


PS:  GO BUCKS!!!! (Sorry I just had to throw this in there for this week… J)