Lift Like a Girl: Women NEED CrossFit


Lift Like a Girl: Women NEED CrossFit

Posted by CrossFit wife, Amy Sullivan

Since I started CrossFit a year ago, I’ve talked with lots of women who seem scared at the thought of “working out hard.”

Most recently, I read an article on of a trainer teaching a well-known female celebrity that she should never lift more than a few pounds. What?? Nevermind picking up your child or carrying the laundry basket or groceries. Let me tell you right now, women do NOT have the hormones to get bulky like men, so don’t be afraid to lift more than a can of tomatoes, please.

CrossFit is amazing for a female. Awhile back, I wrote an article interviewing women in the sport. Why do they do CrossFit? What advantages does a woman have? How does it change their lives? Read on… Lift Like a Girl: Reasons Women need CrossFit