JANUARY 2020 Committed Club


JANUARY 2020 Committed Club

We started off 2020 hot! 70 awesome members were part of the Committed Club in January- showing  their dedication to training, wellbeing, and health!

In 2019, to be a part of the committed club, you had to both RSVP and check- in  for class 15 times or more in one month.

Many came, but didn’t RSVP and Check-in to classes.  As a change to the 2020 Committed Club, we are now including these members! There will be a post to follow with additional details on these changes!

Here is the full list of those in the January 2020 Committed Club (check-in 15 times or more in a month)

Our rockstar members who do both RSVP + Check-In (15 times or more) for class are listed in bold:

Adam Miller Mary Bryan Jess Strother James Kellner Hannah Jansch
Alex Blake Matt Luce Jon Becker Jen Sholtes Jack Batzner
Alex Gutschenritter Matt Petrick Jon Kusch Jennifer Benash Tiffany Bianco
Alyssa Chase Matthew Mason Jordan Burnett Jennifer Langridge Tim Spilde
Ana Dominguez Megan Peloquin Karen Martino Jenny Pervaiz Troy Peterson
Andrew Ellis Mike Branski Kate Peterson Jesalyn Johnson Zach Denton
Anthony Eggebrecht Nate Dulde Katelyn Burnett Dan Sanders Eric Borgh
Aureal Ojeda Nathan Larsen Keith Montague Danielle Brusky Erica Chiarkas
Barbra Fagan Nazanin Tabesh Leah Rosenow Drew Dums Erik Richards
Beckie Beach Oliver Radtke Leslie Colvin Ellie Larsen Evan Olson
Becky Marvel Peter Setter Martha Savory Emily Samayoa Sumeet Uttamchandani
Betsy Karli Reese Dziedzic Emily Truong Shannon Miller Tacara Lovings
Blake Nold Rich Watt Robert Mochel Carlos Herrera Taylor Higginbotham
Brandon Haan Ryan Young Ross Milton Chris Lazarski Terry Pomeroy

Special shout out to Taylor Higginbotham who is January’s Committed Club member of the month! Since joining in November, Taylor has been consistent in her hard work and positive attitude.  She has been making tremendous gains and PR’s all over the place! Great job, Taylor!