Goals falling flat?


Goals falling flat?

It’s April — more than three months into 2017. How are your goals (because “resolutions” is a dirty word)? In the pursuance of our goals (health, fitness or otherwise), I find the basics are often replaced by complex equations and if/then conditions. It is crowded out by Facebook comparisons or Pinterest ideals and the overwhelming thought of the work ahead. Soon we lose focus, feel frustrated and fall by the wayside. “Next year,” we say, “next year.”

Word of advice? Whether we see ourselves currently drifting or flat out dropped off the wagon Jan 2,  we need to get back to basics. It may mean starting over at Square One or reprogramming our thinking to get back on track.

Read Coach Tyler’s 12 Days of Motivation, pick yourself up by the bootstraps (or Nanos) and carry on. Because every day is a new chance to start over.


#2: Schedule your workouts

#3: Reward yourself

#4: Listen to your body

#5: Get a diet buddy

#6: Your why

#7: Reverse engineer your goals

#8: Look how far you’ve come

#9: Get some sleep

#10: Build a foundation

#11: Know your numbers

#12: Re-evaluate