Coach Sara’s open letter to BCF


Coach Sara’s open letter to BCF

“Thank you”. It’s word that coaches hear a lot. A word that coaches are privileged to hear from an athlete and it’s a beautiful phrase. I hope a sincere “thank you.” never loses it’s meaning to me as a coach and quite frankly I wish I would have said “thank you” more to all of you athletes. I’m saying it now. Thank you.

I was privileged to have Cherie Chan (Matt chan is her husband..Brie has a huge crush on him 😉 …last I heard at least) and she said something that I will forever hold dear to my heart. I cannot remember the exact words but it went something like…when an athlete or a member entrusts you with their fitness and their wellness and asks you to come alongside them with their struggles and joys, it is a PRIVILEGE and it is something not to be taken for granted for handled roughly.

Thank you for sharing your joys and triumphs with me and thank you to those of you who even had bad days in class, who trusted the community enough be honest in the space. Thank you for giving me respect in class, as a coach and a friend, thank you for allowing me to watch your movement and even make commentary on it, for being patient with me as I too was still learning.

But even more so…

Thank you for allowing me to have good days and bad days, thank you for asking me about life and friends and family, thank you for all the “thank you’s”, thank you for the beers, for the cookies, for laughing at my dad jokes, for some of you who even came to my nerdy theater shows, thank you for simply showing up to the gym and deciding to make health and wellness a priority, thank you for holding me accountable to my goals (whether you realized it or not), thank you for your positivity, for the hugs, and for everything else I’m missing…I’m sure there’s a lot.

I’ll hold all o’ yas dear to me heart and see you again soon. 🙂 Stay in touch and keep fitness-ing

— Coach Sara