BCF Endurance Information/Intro


BCF Endurance Information/Intro

Intro to Badger CrossFit Endurance (BCFE)

A 6 week class for members that will help you transition your training to include Crossfit Endurance beginning Sept 18th!

What is Crossfit Endurance?

BCF Endurance is excited to provide the opportunity for athletes of all levels to train using the Crossfit Endurance (CFE) methodology. The methodology maintains that constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements are the best way to train for any athletic event while minimizing your training time and maximizing your quality of life.

The BCFE program is based on biomechanics, efficient movement, and variation in metabolic conditioning. In addition to your regular Crossfit workouts (goal of 4-6 per week), you will add 2-3 sport specific workouts each week (runs). These WOD’s will focus on skill, technique, and speed which will lead to a greater level of overall fitness and staggering gains to your endurance performance. Athletes who combine Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance are reducing their sport specific training time and are consistently setting personal records (PR’s), remaining injury free and most importantly – enjoying their training!

Come give it a try – you have nothing to lose, only your old PR’s!

How: Sign up is on the website here.

Cost: $25 for 6 weeks.

Class times and locations:

Tuesday: 6AM and 6PM (Intervals) Meet at BCF

Thursday: 6AM and 6PM (Tempo/ Time Trial) Meet at BCF (other locations TBD see Endurance WOD blog)

*Note Workouts and specifics will be posted on the BCF WOD Blog and Facebook site.

Each class will offer a structured workout and skills, but it will be constantly varied from WOD to WOD. Our programming will consist of the following elements:

Timed Trials – Your training has to be measurable. If you are not tracking your times and distances, then your time has been wasted. We will obtain baseline times through the course of our training, we will repeat these distances to measure improvements.

Interval Training – Your training has to be constantly varied. Interval training is the heart and soul of the sport-specific aspect of your training because it focuses on speed and endurance. Intervals are designed to stress your body to the point of invoking adaptation, but not to the point of compromising recovery time between workouts or causing injury. These sessions are run at a specific distance, performed at high intensity and repeated with set recovery times based on time or distance.

Tempo Training – Pacing is relative to the distance that you are training, but in order for your body to adapt to physiological stress of your endurance sport, you must work outside of your comfort zone. Tempo training focuses on performance at the upper end of your lactic acid / anaerobic threshold and readies your body for all-out race day efforts.

Group Runs: We offer group training runs at on and off-site locations. Each WOD will have a specified goal (time or distance). While running or any other endurance sport is an individual effort when crossing the finish line, we believe that the group camaraderie and support is what gets us through those days when we don’t feel capable of training.

We will focus on learning the proper mechanics of running and learning how to follow a specific training protocol utilizing Crossfit Endurance in addition to BCF WOD’s.  At the end of the six weeks you will be ready to put this to use for specific race training and inspired to RACE with the BCF Endurance Team (Races TBD).

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to chat about BCF contact Coach Tyler or the new Endurance coaches, Larissa and Dan!