Another 5 Year Member Group Recognized


Another 5 Year Member Group Recognized

We are so lucky to have such loyal members. These 6 people have helped shape the BCF community into what it is today.  They join 48 others who have consistently made their fitness a priority at BCF these past 5+ years.  This is quite the commitment and us coaches feel very fortunate to be entrusted with your fitness these past five + years.  Here’s to five more!

2016 & 2017:

*Andrea Schuster

*Peter Gerhardt

*Rob Krecak

*Lucia Micheli

*Karen Mohr

*Jamie Morton

*Steve Schultz

*Rob Deflieze

*Evan Fischer

*Ben Haas

*Nate Mork

*Pam Pfeiffer

*Tiffany Dailey

*Ross Hartwick

*John Heim

*Matt Kowalske

*Brooke Mascitti

*Paul Nemcek

*Liz Schmidt

*Brie Dusing

*Sherley MacLean

*Jody Herbst

*Julie Lochmann

*Jenny Barbera

*Susan Rihawi

*Michal Stańczyk

*Roger Karnath

*Jeff Schmidt

*Erik Richards

*Eric Borgh

*Sarah Byers

*Dan Gueldner

*Steve Kirby

*Scott Knueppel

*Dan Wilde

*Ingrid Zitzer

*Patrick Nichols

*Jarrod Pelkofer

*Mary Pelkofer

*Natalie Stańczyk

*Greg Hildebrand

*Steve Paull

*Kate Peterson

*Troy Peterson

*Meghan Polender

*Colleen Pomeroy

*Graham Wiemer

*Terry Pomeroy


Congratulations to all!