9/13 WOD: Lurong Living Challenge starts Sept 17th!


9/13 WOD: Lurong Living Challenge starts Sept 17th!

“Working hard and doing a lot of CrossFit will NOT get you bulky…”  “Worry about things you can control…”

LAAAADDDDIIIIESSSS … please watch. (some of you already know this, and you know who you are) For so many others, this could be you.


Are you interested in doing a gym paleo challenge for 2 months?!?! Starts on Monday! Details will be had soon, but sign up!

Strength: 15 min to practice 3 position cleans (hi-hang, hang, full). Work up to medium/heavy weight.
WOD: AMRAP 15, 15 front squats (115/75), 15 T2B, 15 lateral box jumps (20/14”)

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**BCF Competitors Meeting. This Saturday.

**BCF Endurance Meeting Q&A. This Saturday.

**Who’s ready for an in-house BCF CrossFit throwdown? Multiple WODs, formats, and prizes for the winners!!! Scaled and Rx division – do able for anyone! Get your competition juices going for this fall! Details soon!!!!

**We just registered as a gym for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. If you want in on a challenge, sign up.

**CrossFit Endurance coming to BCF week of Sept. 17th! Details here

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