8/15 WOD: Unbroken…


8/15 WOD: Unbroken…

Tyra and Greg – husband/wife team WODing together. Those that WOD together stay together…

You workout hard when you come to the box.  You push yourself.  You concentrate on proper movement and mechanics. You strive for efficiency.  This will truly help to increase the benefits of your workouts without a doubt.  But what are you doing the other 23 hours of the day?  Are you standing correctly?  Are your shoulders back in the proper position?  Are your feet pointing straight ahead?  Are you walking correctly?  Are you squatting down to a “proper” lifting position when you go to pick ANYTHING up?  Are you eating correctly, are you sleeping correctly?  These are all important to your health and fitness.  The point of the 1 hour workout you do is not to be an end all be all of your fitness.  Health and fitness is a 24 hour a day thing.  Make sure you are doing everything you can for your body and it will do everything it can for you!!!

Strength:  Squat Snatch 3×3
WOD: AMRAP 18 of 3-135lb squat clean, 6-pull-ups, 9-55lb KB swings, 150m run. ***ALL REPS MUST BE DONE UNBROKEN OR THAT MOVEMENT DOESN’T COUNT

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