8/13 “Thursday”


8/13 “Thursday”

Thoracic mobility (keg drill, pull-up bar partner stretches, etc.)
Snatch DL, Hang Power Snatch

Snatch DL, Hang Power Snatch

F: Row P: AssaultBike, F:Hand-release Push-ups, P: DB bench Press, DB thrusters

In EVERY movement in Crossfit, be it the deadlift, squat, press, running, KB swing, olympic lifts, anything (even if you have a standing desk and you stand all day), your core should remain tight…Why? Because it supports your spine and your spine is kind of important.
When I say “core”, I’m not just talking about your abs, or even your abs, hips, and glutes. Your quads, calves, ankles, and feet, also help to support the spine. There should be tension in those muscles as well.

Think about the deadlift. As you bend at the hip, you are engaging your hamstrings and your glutes. You should also be thinking “knees out” while keeping a vertical shin. There’s tension in your calves. As you lift the barbell off the ground, your shoulders shouldn’t be “dropping out” (though, you’re also not “overgripping” the barbell, creating excess tension in my biceps). You should be pressing those pinkies into the barbell and pulling your shoulder blades down and back so as to activate the scaps and lats. You’re also maintaining a good back angle by keeping your abs tight (pressing those ribs down) and activating the low abs by pulling your belly button into your spine.

As you might imagine, the tension in your body needed for you to stand vs. perform a deadlift is a bit different. This is where the little tweaks come in. In every lift there’s going to be muscle groups that need the most tension and  muscle groups that needn’t be excessively tense(i.e the biceps in the deadlift or the biceps in a clean or snatch) but you should NEVER be relaxing in a lift or movement-this is the equivalent to slouching while sitting.

Whether you’re in the middle of a workout or doing the strength portion think about keeping everything tight and locked down (but don’t forget to breathe).

The only exception to this mobility. When you begin to hold tension in the proper muscles during a workout or strength portion, mobility becomes even more important!


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  • Endurance workouts will be resuming this Wednesday at 6 pm–Hart Park track. For those of you new to Badger or Crossfit, Endurance is a running-based program meant to complement the Metcons and strength focus of Crossfit. The endurance group communicates primarily via Facebook. If you needed to be added to the group, please send us an email at [email protected] Please also reach out if you have any questions about the programming or how endurance should look in accordance with your regular CrossFit training.