8/11 “Monday”


8/11 “Monday”

Too much of what we do in our daily lives are inadvertent and without purpose. Sitting at the computer and getting lost in information that pulls us from work that is meaningful and a necessity to our goals. Forming and developing relationships and friendships that are harmful to the one we have with ourself. Giving too much time to superfluous tasks and not enough to purposeful ones.

In the same vein, your daily health rituals are full of inadvertent burdens.

Training more than you have too for what your trying to accomplish. Eating ‘clean’ but without regards to macronutrients or calories. Not choosing a movement practice that you don’t love doing. Being so caught up in your own fitness belief system that you denigrate other forms of physical and nutritional practices; and more often than not without basis.

Be mindful of the daily rituals that distract and distance yourself from higher levels of wellness.

Inadvertent rituals by Chris Stroud 


Fitness: TGU, RDL, Pushups
Performance: 1RM Front Squat, Snatch


Fitness: Row, DL, Box Jump
Performance: Row