6/30 WOD: Trail run + heavy PC/PP.


6/30 WOD: Trail run + heavy PC/PP.

Post WOD. Lovely experience. If you haven’t been to this edge, you haven’t lived. We experience all of it at BCF – from a solid workout, to OK, to feeling like you’re dying. But the point is, we’re well-rounded in fitness, not just going to get “toned.” In fact, if you see the word tone, RUN away.

I get asked often as to why I don’t post the workouts the day before (got it again this week, which is awesome – I love questions). I am going to copy/paste my response so everyone can know.

Hey there, a few reasons I don’t post the WOD beforehand. 1) I want you to be prepared for all instances, no matter what we throw at you. 2) Cherry picking – if you know what is going on that day, it’s much easier to say ‘yeah I’ll do that because I like doing that’ or ‘i hate running, i’ll just do something else’. People like to do what they’re good at and hate doing things that suck or are boring. 3) To be the best athlete in your fitness you have to be well rounded and not come to BCF based on movement type or intensity. Come because you WANT to come, because you WANT to improve and it works for your schedule.

CrossFit is just that – being good at everything. Not just experiencing a near-death-like WOD every day. That is not healthy, nor is it well-rounded. I’ve experimented in the past with posting WODs before. Attendance drops. I’m here to improve you beyond what you thought possible and it’s not possible if you are not coming. 🙂

So I hope that clears up why I don’t post the WOD before. Just show up, and show up with a willing attitude and consistently (2-3x week min) and I WILL ensure you are the most fit you’ll ever be, ever… Just give us the chance to make that happen. Show up, and do so often.

WOD: Team trail run at Hawthorne Glen for 20 minutes led by coach.
Run back to gym, perform 20-15-10-5 of Power Cleans and Push Press (135/95). Complete however you wish as a team.