6/25 “Thursday”


6/25 “Thursday”

Bear Complex

Bear Complex (Fitness: 95/65) (Performance: 135/95), Burpees

Member News:

++PSA: Parents with children at classes++

This is a PSA to parents who bring their children to any class times or programs in the gym. We love that the gym is growing, and the little ones are coming in, seeing their parents do real fitness and work, and seeing positive examples of people doing good things for themselves. We want to ensure the experience is best for all people at BCF.

While classes are in session, your children are to remain in one spot, seated, in a car seat or pack-n-play if needed, or in an area that is being unused or occupied, behaving themselves and not being a distraction to the general flow of the hour. We are in the process of developing the “child area” in the near future. However, until then, need these guidelines to be followed.

You and your families safety is of utmost importance at BCF and we want the best service, coaching and hour of your day to be every single day.

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay tuned to your inboxes for more details about the child area, soon.