6/23 “Monday”


6/23 “Monday”

We all have a story. The story could be a dark, haunting and terrible past, or it could be one that is typically normal, encouraging, satisfying and good. It doesn’t matter what it is really.

I often get asked, “How do I change XYZ?” (insert body fat, injury, mental barrier, etc. as it pertains to my job personally). What is really being asked is “How do I change my future?”

It begins with a choice. Your choice and no one else’s. The outcome of this choice can have a profound impact to your greater life. Each day, we have choices presented to us that are seemingly small and insignificant in the now. But what is known is that there are two potential outcomes to a choice — one that can improve yourself or others, or one that keeps you stale or even negatively impact your life.

You can decide to turn off the TV and go to CrossFit and improve yourself, or you can choose to make the excuse that your favorite TV show is on and miss it.  You can decide to go out to eat with friends and make bad food choices and spend money you don’t have or you can cook a meal at home with your family that is healthy and only cost $10 for ingredients. You can decide to have a couple of drinks or a little bit of pot and enjoy the buzz you get for a night on the town, or you can drink water instead and smoke the competition for your dream job by practicing your answers to interview questions.

There is always a choice. A direction. An impact to the decision you choose.

I think we look all too often at others’ opinions on what we should do, or what Facebook or Instagram says, what the media says, what your friends say, maybe even what your family says. When it comes down to it, the choice you make is your own and you must live with that. Like the video showed, any past can be overcome with decisions that make you today, right here and now. It doesn’t matter your past, whether positive or negative. What matters is what you choose now. Will it make you better, or will it make you worse? Think about it – then choose wisely.

-Coach Tyler

Strength: Press, Squat

WOD: “The Chief”