4/8 “Tuesday”


4/8 “Tuesday”

Tuesday Movements
Strength: Clean and Jerk
Pull-ups and Thrusters, “Fran”

Member News:

-Last Day to order RX Bars is today! Get your orders in soon! We’ll be placing orders on 4/8 around 9:00am. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj4p-BJjxPWedEtSOVFaNGM0VHRLN2pyVWNCQ0xRQlE&usp=sharing

-Next week(4/13-4/25), we will have a limited schedule as CoachTyler and Adam will be out of the office. We will not be having a 7am class or CF Kids. Our part-time coaches will graciously be filling in as they can. Please ensure that you check our calendar daily as changes are still being made.

Our office manager, Sara, will be here at 7am each day for those that cannot make any other time and want to do the WOD on the board. Sara is L1 certified and can assist if you so need it!

Thanks for your flexibility on this! We will resume normal schedules after the 25th.

– These next couple weeks are going to be benchmarks. Utilize your time to get them in! The gym is usually open and you are welcome to stop by but the door may be locked or there may be random times that we’ll be out for errands, so please email or call us ahead of time. Let’s test our fitness improvement and push one another! If you PR, video it,¬†and send us the YouTube link!

-Don’t forget to RSVP and Check-in for classes this week! Please? Please!


Some of us in the office this morning were talking about plateauing and I think this is an opportune time to think about this, especially going into benchmark week. A lot of us can relate to the excitement of just starting CrossFit. Maybe the pounds started coming off, maybe we looked in the mirror and noticed how our body was changing, maybe our dead lift PR jumped by leaps and bounds in the first 3 months at BCF. We perceive these measures to mean hard work and they do! Results are what keep bringing us back. Yet, there will come a time, for all of us, that the gains being made won’t be as obvious or as HUGE as they were in the beginning. This is actually a good thing! It means that your “new” foundational level of fitness is at a much higher level than when you first started. So, calm your angst! This is the time for you to learn to train your mental game. It means that it’s time for you to buckle down and start tweaking the little things (form, diet, sleep, intensity in WODS, etc.). It also means coming in and continuing to work hard even though the results of your hard work aren’t so obvious.

All this to say that those of us on staff hope, over this benchmark week, you be proud of the progress you’ve made. Whether you hit small PRs, huge PRs, or recognize areas of weakness, you’re still improving and can continue to improve, as long as you put in the work that you’re capable of!

For more, revisit the previous blog posts we’ve put out on “plateauing”!>