4/6 “Monday”


4/6 “Monday”

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Tomorrow could be your chance – to improve your life, to stop making excuses, to actually LIVE your life without fear of illness or disease. This is your choice to either get better or get worse. We are here to not judge you for your past decisions or “could-of-would-of-should-of’s,” but to lead, educate, guide, help, coach, mentor and assist you with being the best you possible. Let us help you. We are waiting.



Starting this week, we will be testing our strength and benchmark workouts. This will lead us into a new cycle of programming for the next 6-8 weeks. We will be giving you all a head’s up on the goals, focuses, and areas we are looking to improve with each cycle. We are excited to get you on board with what we’re doing.

Here’s the week’s planned schedule:

Monday – 1RM back squat and “Jackie”
Tuesday – 1RM press and jerk and “DT”
Wednesday – Gymnastics/Jumping/Mono-structural tests and 5K Run/row
Thursday – 1RM bench press and “Fran”
Friday – 3RM Deadlift and “Nancy”

Please plan accordingly so you get all these in! These are important to gauge your fitness. If you haven’t done any of these before, please set your benchmarks! Do not use this as an opportunity to “cherry pick” and choose the “best sweat” or “feeling.” As for Wednesday, I’m well aware you can run anywhere, anytime. But I can assure you won’t run or row as fast as we will push you (your co-horts in the gym). Don’t be that person.

Contact a coach if you have further questions.


1RM Back Squat