4 equipment mistakes to avoid at BCF


4 equipment mistakes to avoid at BCF

In the mad rush of strength sessions and burning through WODs, it is easy to forget the basic “take care” rules to keep equipment at Badger CrossFit in tip top shape. Here’s a gentle reminder, along with our method behind our stickler madness, to keep equipment shiny and membership fees reasonable.

Equipment mistake #1: Dropping weight from overhead
Dropping plates (especially 10# and 15#) loosens the collar inside the weight (the metal cylinder that slides onto the bar). When the collar loosens, the weight doesn’t sit or spin correctly on the bar. If the collar falls out, the weight has nothing to help it hold onto the bar and is rendered useless (other than hanging on a bathroom wall). Similarly, dropping kettlebells and dumbbells from overhead compromises the stability of the equipment, leaving it susceptible to damage.

Set of 10# Rogue plates: $33.
Set of 15# Rogue plates: $49.50
Pair of 25# Rogue dumbbells: $60
53# kettlebell: $62.50.

Instead: Control your weight on the way down — every time.

Equipment mistake #2: Dropping barbells when deloading
In an exhausted state after a WOD, I’ve witnessed athletes strip the plates off one side and let the bar drop and bounce to the floor. This ends up bending the bars and renders them useless.

Rogue bar: $255

Instead: Take the plates off in a controlled fashion and set the bar down gently OR hold the bar until the plates are off one side and then tip the bar up to slide the weights off the other side.

Equipment mistake #3: Using rags for bodily fluids
While it may be tempting, our rags are not for your bodily fluids (sweat, blood, saliva, tears) while on your body. Unless it is an extreme case, do not use them to blow your nose or dab off your armpits. Unlike the small quantity of germs wiped and killed from the equipment, your bodily bacteria festers in our rag basket and makes for a potentially sick situation.

A doctor’s visit: Without insurance, possibly a right arm

Instead: Use rags and vinegar/bleach spray bottles for equipment only. If you have a “bodily fluid” issue, bring a personal towel to wipe yourself or use a paper towel from the bathroom.

Equipment mistake #4: Forgetting to flush
Equipment also includes the latrine and, yes, this needs to be said. Maybe some athletes are proud of their “accomplishments” or simply forget, but a stinky sinker is no fun to walk into. Not only does a rank smell seep from the bathroom, but potential clogs leave only one toilet in commission (which equals no fun for busy classes).

A plumber’s visit: $75/hour

Instead: Please do us all a courtesy and make sure everything goes down the toilet before leaving the bathroom. Oh yes, and don’t forget to spray.

While the equipment is available for your use, take care not to abuse the very tools which build your body and aid in your elite health.