3/12 WOD: Skill testing week


3/12 WOD: Skill testing week

Skill Testing Week!

Strength Test: 1RM Dead-lift, CrossFit Total rules apply, Three attempts only, No hitching.

Rest 2:00 min between each exercise below.

Speed Test: 400 m run
Endurance test: 1-set of Max Push-ups in 2:00, rest must be in the up position, if knees touch at anytime set is finished.
Endurance Test: 1-set of max air squats in 2:00, rest must be done in the down position, if you rest for longer than 5 seconds set is done.
Speed Test: 1-mile run


Come to our pull-up clinic on Tuesday at 630pm. It will take only 15 minutes or so. Get the info, learn the program you’re going to implement (use it in your BCF warmup), and FINALLY get those strict pull-ups. RSVP here or let me know!!! Otherwise, just show up! BCF athletes only.

Badger CrossFit SOCIAL WOD: View details here. BCF athletes only.

Running Clinic coming to BCF! Open to the public. Details here