3/10 “Tuesday”


3/10 “Tuesday”

Strict Press AHAP, Double-unders, T2B, Roll to Candlestick

Muscle ups, Double-unders, Pause Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, T2B, Roll to Candlestick


KB Swings (55/35), Burpees

UB Power Cleans (95/65, Burpees

Member Of the Month: Jack Batzner

Hometown: New Berlin, WI

Crossfitting since? August 8, 2013

A little about yourself:

I’m a Software Engineer at Rockwell Automation at the downtown Milwaukee headquarters. I am a big golfer and that was the extent of my sport background before Crossfit. My fitness background before starting Crossfit was going to the gym on Marquette University’s campus and having a good old fashioned bodybuilding style workout.

Another fun tid-bit about me is that I’ve had two knee surgeries. My left knee had a tendency to dislocate any time I would shift my weight drastically my knee would either partially or wholly dislocate. The first surgery I had worked for a few years until I blew it out in gym class. The second knee surgery was five years ago, is doing great, and after all that I’ve done with Crossfit I think this surgery is here to stay!

How did you get into crossfit? I had been looking into it for about six months before starting and just decided to give it a try. My reasoning was the following question, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

What is your favorite WOD or movement? I don’t have a favorite WOD. But anything with Cleans, Handstand Pushups, or Ring Dips is a WOD I would like.

Least favorite? Double Unders and Wall-balls.

How has crossfit changed you outside of the gym? I am now the “grandpa” of my friend group going to bed before 10 most nights. But to me I’d rather get my rest and recover fully after a rough workout.

What makes Badger crossfit unique? The community. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Whether it’s a 6AM class or a 6PM class everyone is cheerful and talkative.

What time do you WOD?

What advice do you have for people first getting started? Don’t be afraid! Everyone was in your shoes before they started. Just show up to your workouts and the rest will fall into place. You will love BCF!

Member News:

+++The Movement Fix:

Join us for The Movement Fix, May 17th from 9AM to 5PM. Ask a Coach Tyler, Adam, or Sara for more information or check out their website http://themovementfix.com

+++Spring Meat CSA:

The Riemer’s are extending the Meat CSA sign-up deadline to March 15th!!

Additionally, people don’t have to be a part of the CSA to order and CSA customers can order additional meat if desired. Check out what they have available here!!> http://www.riemerfamilyfarm.com/collections/all

+++Shawn Kinney:
Shawn Kinney from Milwaukee Body Works is coming to Badger on  3/21 to get you going for your open workout! He will be available from 7:30AM to 8:45AM on a  first-come-first- serve basis. You’ll receive a 10-15 min time slot for active stretching!  A lot of our members and staff have worked with Shawn and can attest to his muscle loosening magic!

He’ll also be coming in on March 23rd, from 4:00pm-7:20pm to work with members for 20 minute slots! Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1681M8XG8eozSf-zlXTTTA61oAIb-bfB_czQP_3us-Ak/edit?usp=sharing