3/10 “Thursday”


3/10 “Thursday”

Gymnastics Strength
(SCALE: Low Ring Muscle Up transitions)

Handstand Walk
(SCALE: use partner assist Handstand Wall),

Alternating Pistols (add KB if good)
(SCALE: use bands or rig)

Wall Balls, Farmer’s Carry (70/55), Pushups, AB Calories (or row)


Member News:


Removing weights: When you are removing weights from the barbells, mostly after lifts from the floor, please hold or brace the barbell while pushing off the plates, and control the barbell to the ground. You can also use a friend to help you do this. When the barbells slam into the floor, they can become warped or lose their spin (which we need for Olympic lifting). Need any clarification? Please ask a coach to show you!

We know you get tired after a hard row, however you should still be able to control the muscles that allow you to place the rower handle back in it’s holster. In your tired-state, please try not to release the handle and send it flying back into the rower. We understand you may lose your grip and this might happen, but we ask you to try your darndest and find the precision to place it back where it belongs. If you are losing muscle control, this is not normal. Send us an email, and we’ll probably refer you to a specialist;).