2/24 “Wednesday”


2/24 “Wednesday”

Future doctor, Brian is in the 300 pound club! #badgercrossfit #badgerbuilt #crossfit #badgerwlc @brianthorne6 @badgerwlc

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Fitness: Bulgarian Split squats, Back Extensions, DB curls, DB Tricep Ext.
Performance: Snatch complex, DB curls, Tricep/Pike push ups

Fitness and Performance:
AB Bike, walking lunge, (P: Zercher walking lunge) slam balls, hanging knee raises(P: T2B)


+++Thank you for your patience on the SFH order. We have received the invoice, but are still waiting to hear back from the supplier. Also, if you ordered RX bars, those haven’t shipped yet either. Womp. Womp. Hopefully we’ll receive them by the end of the month!

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The Open @ Badger CrossFit FAQ

Below is an FAQ to address some questions about the Open at Badger CrossFit. We’re super excited for this year, and we know you all will have so much fun. Please join us!

When is BCF doing the Open WODs?
Saturday mornings at 9am to ??? (depends on the workout). These will replace our normal Saturday classes. Usually it only takes 2 hours-ish to get through all the heats.

What is required to participate Saturday?
You MUST sign up for the Zenplanner Event by 4:00pm on Friday to be assigned a heat. You can do this on the Zenplanner App or login to our member website. We will be assigning heat orders at random. Please don’t ask to be in a specific heat unless you have extenuating circumstances where you must be out of the gym for a good reason, not just because you prefer it.

What if I can’t make it Saturday?
Fridays during all classes we will be having TWO WODs (regular class WOD and the Open WOD). If you cannot participate Saturday but can Friday, then you’ll do the Open WOD Friday. Be sure you have a judge or ask a coach, the member’s FB group, or the head judge, Tyler.

What if I can’t make either Friday or Saturday?
These situations should be rare but we do understand if you have schedule conflicts. Please EMAIL [email protected] when you’d be able to participate and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Sunday during Open Gym may be an ideal time do it or Monday during Open Gym.

Can I redo the workouts?
No. We understand wanting to have the absolute best score to get that extra bump on the leaderboard. We are competitive too. However, for logistical reasons and because we want you to give it your all on the initial workout, we are not allowing redos. Last year we had people admit to not trying as hard knowing “I can just redo it Monday.” Not to mention, performing these Open workouts multiple times can negatively impact your weekly training protocol (the main reason 99.9% are working out). BCF has a couple of athletes that are Regional-capable and per their goal of making Regionals or the Games, we may be allowing a redo depending upon their performance. This is the reality of their ability and a “SMART” goal that is attainable for them.

If I’m doing the Open Saturday, should I workout Friday?
This, of course, depends on your training schedule. It’s ideal to rest on Friday if possible. If you workout Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with Saturday being your 4th class in a row, we wouldn’t advise it. If you rest Wednesday or Thursday, then work out on Friday, please do the workout with us on Saturday! We’ll do our best to make Friday’s alternate workouts different than the Open but we won’t know the Open workouts until 7:00pm-ish Thursday night.

Should I sign up and pay the $20 to CrossFit?
Depends. You can absolutely participate without worrying about this. Just have fun and do the workouts with us Saturday. But, for some of you, you may enjoy checking your status against a whole list of filters (age bracket, your state, your region, etc.). Just remember, comparison can be a thief of joy. Have fun with this. If you’re not, something is out of balance.

What can we expect on Saturday?
At 8am, our staff will be setting up for the workout. We will be posting a general warm-up/mobility that you can do on your own before your heat. Warming up will take place in the small gym. We’re doing our best to set up coffee and healthy snacks for you and spectators to enjoy. At 9am, we will be going over standards…see below.

Before the first heat, we will be going over all standards with athletes and judges. We will be strict on these standards to maintain integrity. We want you to have fun, but we also want you to be challenged. A large part of the CrossFit Open is to expose your weaknesses and imbalances (we all have them!). If you are immobile on a particular movement and struggle to complete a rep, be patient with yourself, and don’t get injured forcing the rep. Appreciate how far you’ve come from where you started and realize your fitness is a long-term process, more than a destination. Keep in mind there will be an “as prescribed” version and a “scaled” version of each workout. Please scale as necessary.

Each person that does the Open needs to have a judge. This will be easy, because everyone here on Saturday to workout will also be a judge. If you do the workout, you understand the movements well enough to judge your fellow gym-buddy. Like we said above, we will go over all the movement standards and requirements prior to judging. If you have someone who judges you who hasn’t officially signed up for the Open but you have, then you will need to list the head judge (Tyler Sullivan), when you enter your score.

Did we mention we want you to have fun with this!? In the past, we may have been on the side of taking this too seriously. For many of us, this resulted in negative feelings. It is our best advice to have fun, try hard (like you do every day with us), and enjoy the competition, the community and camaraderie.

To a great Open,
The Badger CrossFit staff