2/15 “Monday”


2/15 “Monday”


Built-in the WODs.


Part 1: Front Squats, Slam Balls, DU
Part 2: Power Cleans, Bar-facing burpees
Part 3: Airbike


Member News:

+++Participating in the Open 16′ or just want another Badger T-shirt? Sign up for pre-orders here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qB7hotS8WSX4t582D83-AvNRumTT9_7LTXo68LIEwAg/edit?usp=sharing

Note on this order:
Because we get so many pre-orders for the open shirts, we’re doing things a bit differently this time around. ORDERS DUE BY TUESDAY!!!
-We’ll be charging your cards before we place the order. If you have put your name on this spreadsheet, please ensure you have an active and working card or account on file.
-Rather than attaching your names to the shirts and putting them in the retail pick up cabinet, they will be in the office for pick up.
-Stay tuned for the t-shirt design and deadlines on when we’ll be ordering/when the t-shirts will be coming in.