2/1: Virtuosity and kettlebells? 2012 CF Games sign up!


2/1: Virtuosity and kettlebells? 2012 CF Games sign up!

Virtuosity is the act of “doing the common, uncommonly well”.  What does this mean for us?  It truly means that the basics, or the foundational movements, are some of the most important movements in our training and programming.  We need to MASTER these movements.  It always happens that people want to jump ahead to the cool flashy movements because they seem more exciting.  But you cant have any kind of real success or perfection of these moves without having mastered, and continually perfected the basics.  Do not get impatient with the trainers or yourself as we continually nit-pick your positioning and your moves.  It is only to help you get the most out of each movement and in each workout.  Mastery equals Efficiency!!!

We have a workshop on how to row correctly, coming soon. But until then, watch this video.

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Warm-Up: 20-snatch grip dead-lifts, 15-hang power snatch, 10-hang snatch Part 2: Sprint ladder.
Skill: 3 minutes butterfly kicks.
Strength: Clean1) 5 x 75%, 2) 3 x 85%, 3) max reps x 95%.
WOD: 5:00 max reps of kb swings (55/35). Rest 3 minutes. 3 rounds of 5 C&J (135/95), 1 tire flip, 15 box jumps
Recovery: Supine back stretch, shoulders
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