2017 Affiliate Cup Week 5 Challenge & Theme


2017 Affiliate Cup Week 5 Challenge & Theme

17.5 – Why I CrossFit Challenge

This week’s challenge is a three part challenge!

This challenge is worth up to 3 points per person per team.   For example, a team of 24 has the chance to log up to 72 points! There are 3 tasks you will complete and upload to the Members Group/your Social Media page by Friday at 6:30 pm.

1 point:  Write down on a piece of paper:  Why you do CrossFit.  I CrossFit because….. and take a photo of this.

1 point: Photo of you performing your FAVORITE CrossFit movement.  This can be taken anywhere- in the gym, at home, etc.

1 point: Video of you saying how CrossFit has impacted your life.  This could be a PR you never thought you’d be able to hit, increased confidence, sticking with a fitness routine for the first time in your life, etc.

Post these three in a collage frame on your social media, or as three separate photos to get points.  Make sure to tag #whyicrossfit #teamname #badgercrossfit #intheopen.

BONUS POINTS: Each team will have the chance to take home the Affiliate Cup Trophy at Saturday’s Tacopalooza Event!

Week 5’s Theme:

GYM PRIDE! This could be wearing Badger gear or anything “gym related”.  Since this theme will make it hard to see who is on what team, we have also assigned a color to each team to accentuate your gym gear so we can keep you all apart!

YELLOW: Team Kipping It Real

ORANGE: Team Inexplicably Huffy Unicorns

PINK: Team Aggressively Average

PURPLE: Team Flex Appeal

Good luck!