2015 BCF Christmas Party!


2015 BCF Christmas Party!

WHERE: Burke’s Irish Castle

WHEN: 7pm til ?, Friday, December 18th!

WHO: BCF Members +1 Family/Friend

WHAT: Our 5th BCF Christmas Party!

All of our BCFers are invited to our Christmas Party! Every person/family that comes should bring a tasty dish. If you aren’t sure what to bring, just ask the staff for ideas!

We will also be playing CrossFit Santa. If you want to participate (everyone can, but it’s not required), please bring a wrapped gift with a value of $5 – $20. We ask that it be something fitness related, even if it’s humorable!

How does this work? It’s like White Elephant. Bring a gift, set on table, and when we do this as a group, we grab another gift from someone elese. (Shh don’t tell who’s gift it is). Once we all have our gifts in hand, we will open up! Laughter, fun, hilarity ensues…

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. See you there!

All details can be found here!