2013 Spring Paleo Challenge


2013 Spring Paleo Challenge

People that have really taken diet to heart have the true results – lower bodyfat, higher muscle definition, more energy and don’t look like they did when they first walked in our doors at BCF. And the others that only do a half-assed attempt (> 1 cheat meal, eat the same or more calories (you can eat too much on Paleo/primal), etc..) or don’t do diet changes at all look the same, or worse, with MORE bodyfat on them than when they first walked into our doors. Don’t be that person. CrossFit obviously works, but only if you take charge of your diet and don’t get sloppy. Your fitness is half diet and half exercise. Let us take care of your exercise (show up). You take care of what goes through your pie hole.

May 1 – May 30th. Don’t delay.


Download the packet of information: BCF-Spring-13-Paleo-Challenge