1/24 “Saturday”


1/24 “Saturday”


Sand bag to shoulder
Sand Bag shuttle sprints
Bar Muscle ups or Wall Walks

Are you a Functional Member of Your Gym Community?

Being a member of a CrossFit gym doesn’t inherently make you a member of the community. On the contrary, the psychology of the CrossFit athlete might not bring a group together but rather sabotage it.

Where else can you find such an assortment of introverts, extroverts, athletic performers and non-performers, dominant and submissive personalities, and comedians? And they all want to be successful at CrossFit!

Whether you’re new to a gym or you’ve been a long-time member, take a moment to evaluate your contribution to the community. Are you contributing to the enrichment of the community or are you one of “those” folks that are always pissed about something or someone? Do you shave your numbers? Show up late to class?

“Community” is a catchall for the emotional and psychological bonds that are formed through a commonality with like-minded individuals. Those commonalities found in CrossFit are significant to say the least. As I’m sure you’ve experienced personally, the bonds formed in sweat are powerful and long lasting.

Functioning members work to actively integrate themselves by adopting the cultural and emotional characteristics of the tribe as well as enriching the community with their own personal contributions of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and gravitas.

Dysfunctional members, on the other hand, can bring a lack of integrity, poor sportsmanship, animosity, and strife. These individuals tend to push the cultural boundaries of the environment before integration and acceptance has taken hold. This can be problematic in established communities and downright toxic in others.

Some tips on integrating yourself into your community:

  • Allow yourself to be inspired by those in your gym just as you strive to inspire.
  • Show integrity at all times. You only have one opportunity to demonstrate this.
  • Perform with honor and sportsmanship. Not all days will be your best. Learn to take the hits as you develop.
  • Be protective of your tribe. Represent your box and your fellow Crossfitters with reverent tenacity.
  • Respect your gym in all respects.
  • Be coached – don’t BE the coach. Let the coach do their job.

Being a successful member of any community takes effort, time and persistence. Each WOD, every social activity, and even your social media connections to your gym are opportunities for you to integrate.

Good luck!