1/20 “Tuesday”


1/20 “Tuesday”

Fitness and Performance:
2 position Power Snatch (1 hip + 2 top of knee), Close-grip Bench Press


KB Swings (55/35), Jump rope singles

DB Power Snatch, alternating (60/35), Double-unders


Member News:

++++Please look through the Lost and Found before the end of this week! We’ll be taking the items in there to GoodWill this Friday, the 23rd!

We have some great opportunities at Badger coming up to showcase our stamina and in the process, support some AWESOME non profits!

++++Join us for “MS Run the US” ROWATHON!!

This will start at 7:00am Saturday, Jan 24th and will go all the way through 7:00am Sunday, January 25th.
The idea is for 24 participants to keep a rower active for 24 hrs (1 participant = 1 hr of rowing; and because of all the rowers we can have multiple participants rowing at the same time.).

Complete details in the link> http://www.msruntheus.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/24HrChallenge_Milwaukee_2.pdf

Or if you don’t want to participate but would like to donate, you can support Team Jill via the below link!)

Any questions should be directed to Ashley S at [email protected]

++++Love Gone Bad!



Sweat with your sweetie this Valentines day, Feb 14th at 8:30am!

Sign up in the Zen Planner Calendar!

If you’d like a T-shirt, register your team at> http://www.communityforacause.com/love-gone-bad-2015/

Get more info here> https://www.badgercrossfit.com/2015/01/115-thurs/