11/3 “Thursday”


11/3 “Thursday”

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#techniquetuesday • Today we talk about the first pull in the snatch and/or clean. We understand there are many variables to setup, liftoff and execution of this technical lift. Only the 1st pull is what we will talk about here. • The first pull ensures the right muscles are being used and positioning of the body is correct for the next pulls; the 2nd and 3rd. • In this, the lift is executed correctly from the start and ensures the most success as you continue on through the lift. • When you're lifting properly like this, you will continue the long and rewarding journey to bigger lifts, all while being safe! • If you're a current lifter and not making any progress or have been stalled out for a while, come and talk to one of our @usa_weightlifting coaches, or any of our #crossfit L1 coaches. We are all qualified to teach beginners to intermediate lifters. If you need advanced coaching, we do that too! Talk to a coach or check out our @badgerwlc !!! • #badgerbuilt #badgercrossfit #crossfit #firstpull #weightlifting #fitness #wauwatosa #wauwatosacrossfit #milwaukee #gym #milwaukeecrossfit

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Supinated Barbell Row, Single-arm Front Rack lateral Step-ups, Sorenson Hold on GHD, Dumbbell Pull Across, Dumbbell Push Outs/Ins

Ring support hold (P: 3 Burpee C2B Pullups, or 3 MU), OH walking lunge, row, Heavy double KB walk in front rack, Single unders (P: Double-unders)