11/24 “Monday”


11/24 “Monday”

Notice how Speal drops off his rings to attain consistent movement for the next rep? This is experience, skill, practice and perfection in motion. 

Thanksgiving Week Calendar:

Thanksgiving Day 11/27 – 8-10am Open Gym
Friday 11/28: No AM classes. Noon and 5pm class. (PENDING)
Saturday: Regular schedule.

 It’s the weekend so many of you are probably enjoying or gearing up for a big cheat day. It is commonplace in fitness circles to suggest that as long as you are strict during the week, you can eat whatever you want during your cheat day and it won’t negatively impact your results (or that it can help you realize better results). If you have a freakish appetite like me, you can absolutely, without a doubt, sabotage your progress with one big cheat day per week. Use common sense. If you can easily throw down a dozen donuts or down a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting, then maybe you should just have one cheat meal per week, or maybe you should “half cheat” or not cheat at all. On the other hand, if your idea of cheating involves consuming the whole egg instead of just egg whites, or snacking on fruit and nuts, then you should probably “cheat” more often. If you follow a flexible dieting plan, then you might not feel the urge to have a cheat day since you will have some wiggle room each day to consume some of the things you crave in small amounts. Again, just use common sense. There’s no sense in counteracting an entire week of hard work and willpower with one day of gluttony. -Bret Contreas


Clean, Front Squats, BB Row (F) Chin-ups (P)


Fitness: Goblet Squats, Lateral Burpee Box Jumps, Abmat Sit-ups
Performance: Squat Clean, Lateral Burpee Box Jump Overs, T2B