11/22 WOD: Heavy thrust…with a twist.


11/22 WOD: Heavy thrust…with a twist.

Just a reminder, we are having no classes on Thanksgiving. You all deserve a rest, and BE SURE TO REST!!! Eat well, and enjoy your day. Don’t know how some of you are going to stick by your Whole30/Paleo, but you’re inspiration! 🙂 Keep it up.

Also, Eric is going to be training the 11AM class on 11/21.  Some days it will be noon, and will change days. Please keep an eye on the schedule as we are going to experiment with this time slot.

Strength: Back Squat 1) 5 x 65%, 2) 5 x 75%, 3) 5 x 85%.

WOD: Three rounds of 10-thrusters, 10 ring pushups, 30 med-ball twists, 200m sprints.

RX: 155 / 105, L-2: 135 / 95, L-1: 95/65.

Recovery: Banded shoulder , PSOAS stretch.

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