11/2 “Monday” – 21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge!


11/2 “Monday” – 21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge!

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Are you sick of Halloween treats? Do you think you’re going to have a terrible next 2 months because of the inevitable holiday treats coming your way!?!

Tomorrow, November 2nd, Badger CrossFit is doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox until Thanksgiving! Are you able to handle it?!? 


But why? And is it only those sweet, refined white crystals that are causing us problems, or could there be more to the story?

Let’s be honest: The problem isn’t just sugar itself. It’s the refined, nutrient-poor carbohydrates that carry tons of calories, but no real nutrition. In our world, these are the easiest foods to grab on the go, but they leave us fat, sick, tired, and downright unhappy.

The effect that sugar, “hidden” carbs, and refined, processed foods have on our bodies goes far beyond our waistlines. We can’t focus, we can’t sleep, we have irrational mid-afternoon cravings, and we can’t even make it through the day without wanting—or needing—to prop up our energy levels with caffeine or even more sugar! What can we do to break free from this cycle? The 21-Day Sugar Detox is here to help.

What you’ll experience on this program will be different from a lot of other “diet” programs out there that promote extremely restricted eating; encourage you to consume only shakes, juices, or smoothies; or rely heavily on supplements and very-low-calorie or very-low-fat diets to ensure success. The goal of any detox program should be to support your body in naturally cleansing itself of substances that create negative health effects—and that’s exactly what The 21-Day Sugar Detox does.

By focusing on quality protein, healthy fats, and good carbs, this program will help you change not only the foods you eat, but also your habits around food, and even the way your palate reacts to sweet foods. You’ll likely complete the program and continue eating this way much of the time thereafter because you’ll feel so amazing. After changing your everyday eating habits, you will begin to gain a new understanding of how food works in your body—and just how much nutrition affects your entire life. There’s no reason to wait!

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Fitness and Performance:
Back Squats, Pullups (Performance: Strict, Kip, C2B)


3 Rounds
10 DB Thrusters
500m Row
20 No-pushup burpees

*2 min rest after each round!

3 Rounds
5 Thrusters
500m Row
15 burpees-over-erg

*2 min rest after each round!

Note: Start near 70+% of 1RM Push Press. Must increase the thruster weight each round, and taken from ground! Go HEAVY (performance). The score is time for each round AND total weight lifted.

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