1/11 WOD: Ice Bowl WOD #3


1/11 WOD: Ice Bowl WOD #3

Garage Games – “The Badger Games” – We have moved the date from Feb. 4th to June 23rd. We want this to be an indoor/outdoor option and Feb. is just too unpredictable in Wisco to do what we want. And what we have planned will be epic. I know lots of you were looking forward to this, but please don’t fret. There is another Garage Games event in Naperville on Feb. 11th that will be just as awesome and hope that you participate in that one as well.

ReminderThis Saturday, at 10 AM at Dominican High School, Dr. Davis, author of the book “Wheat Belly” is going to be speaking. Please visit the facebook event page located here for more information and to join up! It’s going to be a big event. $10 gets you in the door. We plan on meeting up there a bit before 10AM. I will be a bit late due to classes, but will be there.

Warm-Up: 20-snatch grip dead-lifts, 15-hang power snatch, 10-hang snatch, 5-snatch.
Strength: Snatch  1) 5 x 40%, 2) 5 x 60%, 3) 5 x 60%. New clients find 1RM.
WOD: Max reps at each station: 2 minutes burpee box jumps, rope climbs, GHD Situps, Ring dips. :30 rest between each station.
Recovery: Wall chest, supine back and banded shoulder stretchs.

Kelly V showing good position in the hole - high elbows, knees over toes, upright chest