10/7 WOD: Nice couplet – like bacon and eggs.


10/7 WOD: Nice couplet – like bacon and eggs.

The above is so true. So many times, our mind tells our body to stop doing what we’re doing. To not do that extra rep, to not go full range of motion, to not perform the best technique. That little voice inside our head is what holds us back from improving. I have a question for you — are you going to listen to that voice, or are you going to ignore it and improve your mind and body in ways you never thought were possible?!?!

I’ll give you a little secret to fitness success — if you ignore that voice that says “can’t,” you will go beyond in what you and others thought was possible – in body, in mind, in spirit, in career.

Strength: Back Squat, 1) 3 x 70%, 2) 3 x 80%, 3) 3+ x 90%.

WOD: Ten rounds of 7-power snatches, 7-burpees,

RX: 95 / 65, L-2: 75 / 55, L-1: 35.

Recovery: Back and shoulder stretches.