10/31 “Saturday”


10/31 “Saturday”

Tuck Hollow Hold, Reverse Plank hold

Partner WOD

“Back to the Future – The Trilogy”
Push press, Power Cleans, Thrusters


Member News:
+++FitAID is now available for purchase in the store kiosk. Order online to pick up later or buy in-house using our new ipad kiosk! They’re stored in the fresh packs fridge. CC only.

Check into class and purchase items from our store in Zen Planner! Take a look at the video above!

+++Join Coach Dan at the track this Saturday! Endurance will be running an informal 5 km to track progress. All members are welcome to join! Meet at Hart Park. Coach Dan will be there to record your splits and answer any questions about Endurance!

+++Putting out the SFH Order earlier than usual:

Before adding to the order sheet, please double check to make sure you have a working card on file!
Per usual, we will charge your card once the order comes in and then put your order in the member retail pick up cabinet for you to grab. You have until Monday, November 2nd to enter your order in!