10/3 “Saturday”


10/3 “Saturday”

Snatch Grip RDL, Paralell Shoulder raises x 10 reps/ea
Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull + Power Snatch (Pause at knee)

Deadlifts (155/105), K2E, HR Pushups, Meters on Rower, Jerks (155/105), Back Squats (same)


On Oct. 10th, in partnership with Community For a Cause and a number of other local boxes throughout the Midwest, we’ll be exchanging our standard Saturday workouts with a team workout to benefit a local breast cancer cause. This time around we’ll be supporting a member, Josh Mattson’s family. Read more about sign up, the WOD, and registration here> https://www.badgercrossfit.com/2015/09/respect-the-rack/

+++SFH Order for the month of Oct. Order form to close on the morning of Sunday, the 4th.

+++New schedule changes are as follows:
We have added a FUNCTION MKE class everyday at 6am — we have removed the 9am
We have removed the 9:30am CrossFit class and added open gym! Come in if you can’t make it to noon.
We have added a 6:30pm on Thursday nights!

Over the last couple months there has been an increase in people not RSVP-ing for class. We understand that life happens and there are days where work is unpredictable but we still require that you RSVP for classes. If you have a sudden schedule change and can make it to a class please try to shoot us an email or a phone call informing us that you’re coming.

RSVP-ing helps us immensely in planning coach resources. It is our goal at BCF to have 2 coaches in nearly every class to ensure you have more eyes and coaching available to you. RSVP-ing helps us ensure this is being accomplished. We appreciate your cooperation!