8/30 “Saturday”

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Strength: Fitness: DB/KB Lunges, TGU Performance: Front Squat, Split Jerk WOD: Fitness: Row, Burpee, Box Jumps, V-ups/Tuck-ups Performance: HSPU, Ring Dip, C2B pullups

8/29 “Friday”

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Strength: Fitness: Clean and Jerk Performance: Snatch for Performance. WOD: Fitness: Squat Clean and Jerk, Handstands, Double Unders, Thrusters, Run Performance: Squat Snatch, Handstands, Double Unders, Thrusters, Run Pan Seared Mahi Mahi over Sticky Coconut “Rice” with Mango Salsa Ingredients For the salsa 1 mango, peeled and diced ¼ red onion, finely diced ½ red […]

8/28 “Thursday”

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Strength Fitness and Performance Bench Press Barbell Rollouts WOD: Fitness and Performance: Row, Pushups or Ring Dips, Tuckups or Toes to Bar, Box Jump Overs (24/20), Run Member News: Facility: Please keep chalk in the bucket! We expect a certain amount of chalk on the ground from the hands or bars. We have no issue […]

8/27 “Wednesday”

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Strength Fitness: Deadlift, Strict Handstand Push-Ups, Straddle Leg Lifts Performance: Hang Clean, Clean WOD: Fitness: Ground to Shoulder, Run,Squat-Clean-Thruster-Slam-Balls (it’s a med ball clean with the slam ball but you thruster it up and slam it down) Performance: Russian Kettlebell Swings, 10 Walking Lunges with Kbs/Dbs, Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24/20)

8/26 “Tuesday”

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Overhead Squat Development! Strength Fitness: Pistols, Frog Stand, Windschield Wipers Performance: OHS, C2B Pullups WOD: Fitness: Thrusters, Pullups, Burpees Performance: Rowing, Double-unders, Muscle-ups  

8/25 “Monday”

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The video above is an oldie for some of you. But for some, it may be the first time you have seen it! It’s long, but worthwhile. Watch it tonight, instead of your favorite TV program. Understand what sugar does to you; your mind and your body. Perfect timing for those considering the paleo challenge […]

8/22 “Friday”

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Strength: Fitness: Back Squat, Handstand Scap Pushups, L-sit Performance: Snatch WOD: Fitness: Row SPRINT, Vup/Tuckups,Dumbbell Bear Crawls (35/25) Performance: Thrusters, Muscle ups Member News: -If you didn’t hear, Badger CrossFit is doing a 30 day Paleo Challenge! Read more about it here> http://badgercrossfit.com/2014/08/2014-bcf-fall-paleoprimal-diet-challenge/ If anyone is interested in learning more about the squat program posted […]

2014 BCF Fall Paleo/Primal Diet Challenge

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We are starting a new Paleo Challenge on September 15,th 2014. People that have really taken diet to heart have the true results – lower bodyfat, higher muscle definition, more energy and don’t look like they did when they first walked in our doors at BCF. And the others that only do a half-assed attempt […]

8/21 “Thursday”

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Strength: Fitness and Performance: Strict Handstand Pushup Progression, Pistol Progression, Single Arm DB/KB Row x 8-10 reps each arm WOD: Fitness and Performance: Manmakers, Bar-facing Burpees, Dead lifts Member News: -If you missed the blog that was posted Monday night, it’s worth checking out! Coach Troy put together some great insight regarding the squat. Check […]

8/20 “Wednesday”

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Strength: Fitness: Deadlift, Turkish Get-up, GHD sit ups Performance: Front Squat, Handstand Pushups WOD: Fitness: Kettlebell Swings, Hand Release Push-ups, Tall Box Jump Overs Performance: Row, Front Squats from the ground, Strict HSPU, Double-Unders, Unbroken Wall Ball Shots