9/19 “Friday”

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Strength: Fitness: Handstand progressions and Handstand Walking Performance: Back Squat WOD: Fitness: Ground to Overhead, C2B Pull-Ups, Run Performance: Bar Muscle-Ups Strict Handstand Push-Ups Push Press Volunteer: Any folks out there interested in picking up rocks some time this Saturday for a local community garden? Victory Garden Initiative, a community garden in Milwaukee, is looking […]

9/18 “Thursday”

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Strength: Front Squat Ring Rows Double Under  WOD: Row, Pushups or Handstand Pushups, T2B or V-ups, Bear Crawl Thoughts on Competition from Badger athlete, Mary Pelkofer, who competed this last weekend at the Granite Games. “Competition can quickly get the best of us. It puts us in challenging situations, makes us emotional, and often times, […]

9/17 “Wednesday”

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Strength: Fitness: Push Press, Ring Holds, Strict Toes to Bar Performance: Power Clean WOD: Fitness: Kettlebell Swings, Thrusters Performance: Wall Ball Shots, Toes to Bar, Burpee Box Jump-Overs

9/16 “Tuesday”

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Pretty Excellent: Congratulations to all those who competed in the Granite Games! Proud of you all and glad to have you back! *Not pictured: Karen Mohr, Andy Oostrand, Katie Errek, David Villar Great work to you all! Member News: *Important Notice: Tuesday, September 16th** The City will be turning off the Water at 9:30 am […]

9/15 “Monday”

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The paleo challenge is here! If you haven’t seen anything about this, please visit the link to the left under UPCOMING EVENTS. Strength: Fitness: Wall climbs, Russian Step-ups, GHD Situps Performance: Hang Snatch, Snatch, Back Squat WOD: Fitness: Row, Power Clean, Front Squat Performance: None.

Thank you, Granite Games sponsors

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We would like to thank the following businesses for sponsoring Badger CrossFit’s team for the 2014 Granite Games in St. Cloud, MN. GOLD SPONSOR SILVER SPONSORS       BRONZE SPONSORS      

9/12 “Friday”

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Strength: Fitness: Good Mornings Handstand Holds/Freestanding Hollow Rocks Performance: Back Squat WOD: Fitness: Ground to Overhead ) Burpees over the bar Run Performance: Double-Unders Muscle-Ups Power Cleans Push Press Some things to keep in mind for the Paleo Challenge. Feel free to read the below article and the follow up commentary from Coach Adam. Article: […]

9/11 “Thurs”

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WOD: Fitness and Performance: “Hidalgo” Run 2 miles Rest 2 minutes 20 Squat Cleans (135/95) 20 Box jump (24/20) 20 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25# plate) 20 Box jump (24/20) 20 Squat Cleans (135/95) Rest 2 minutes Run 2 miles Note: This is in honor of a local hero in Waukesha.   U.S. Army First Lieutenant […]

9/10 “Wednesday”

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  Excuses. There are hundreds if not millions of them. Maybe you were up late last night with the kids, maybe you have some super important business meeting tonight. Maybe you are sore from yesterday. Maybe you don’t like the workout/skill/lift/movements programmed for today. Maybe you woke up late and won’t get breakfast, or maybe […]

9/9 “Tuesday”

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Read Coach Tyler’s post about Excuses! Strength: Fitness: Push Press, Hip Bridge, T2B Performance: Clean WOD: Fitness: Deadlfift, Box Jump, Run Performance: Jump Lunge, Wall Ball, T2B