What are you willing to pay for health?


What are you willing to pay for health?

If you logged into Amazon Prime, and could purchase an ideal body (fit, mobile, strong with solid performance and an ideal physique) delivered to your house in 2 days or less, would you buy it? Most of us would say yes.

People are also willing to spend hundreds on “wants” every year — cable packages, dinners out, alcohol binges at social gatherings, sporting events — but not willing to spend the same amount on a gym membership. Why? Why does it make us shutter to spend the same money on health — a gym membership, nutritional counseling, life coaching, physical therapy, chiropractics?

Because health costs us more than money. We could have the same Amazon Prime body if we’d be willing to put in sweat equity. But that is often the deal breaker and we fail to see the value in paying for something we have to work at. As creatures of comfort, we often gauge what we will pay for health based on how easy/hard it will be. However, our comfort level usually makes us settle, where we get by on the minimum and never reach our maximum.

And if we aren’t willing to move toward optimal health, we actually move away from it — hiding behind our financial excuses and accepting our current situation. Living with a bum shoulder, depression or a poor diet, is easier than working to change. And pretty soon we’ve moved so far away from health, it affects us to larger degrees (medication, surgery, etc), sometimes to the point of death.

So before we gripe about that PT bill, that gym membership, that nutrition fee, we need to check our reasoning. Optimal health is expensive. The price tag is finite time and effort. Are we willing to pay the price?