Wellness Wednesday: It’s 3 Percent


Wellness Wednesday: It’s 3 Percent

With the holidays around the corner, while some of us anticipate festivities and family, others are nervous or even anxious about the amount of food involved at one, two, sometimes three Thanksgiving meals in one day. And we turn our Turkey Trot  WOD into currency for that dinner roll, slice of pie or pool of gravy later in the day.

But a breakdown may put your mind at ease. Let’s say you eat 3 meals a day. If there are 61 days in November and December, that’s 183 meals. Consider Thanksgiving and Christmas, that’s only 6 meals — 3 percent of your 2-month diet —¬† of “loose marcos.”

On the other hand, let’s say you eat your 3 meals on Thanksgiving, and then serve up leftovers for the next 3 days (or 9 meals). Do the same for Christmas and that’s 24 meals — 13 percent of your 2-month diet.

And while it might be nice not to cook for a week after the holidays, before you agree to take the leftover marshmallow salad and pumpkin bread home from Grandma’s, break it down. Calculating your percentages can be the difference between enjoying the holidays and slowly veering off track from your goals.