Welcome new coaches!


Welcome new coaches!

We want to start off this post by saying it is way past overdue! Many of you have already met our new coaches as they have been actively involved with classes for a bit now, and for that, we’re sorry to both them and you!

Without further ado, we want to formerly welcome both Alan Kalinoski and Melody Matson on joining the Badger CrossFit ranks as part-time coaches!

Alan comes to us from CrossFit Sussex as manager of operations, head of programming and head coach. We’re excited to have Alan’s expertise, breadth of knowledge of movement, and his know-how on the inner-workings of a gym’s operations. Alan is currently coaching the afternoons and Saturday’s mobility classes and we’re super excited to have him and his knowledge on board. To learn more about Alan, please visit his page here.

Melody comes to us from CrossFit Funky, where is still a coach. Melody has extensive experience coaching CrossFit athletes from all walks of life. She is very familiar with many types of training methodology, comes from an athletic background and is eagerly willing to help you and your goals! Melody is currently coaching the afternoons and also is taking on personal training clients! To learn more about Melody, please visit her page here.

We want to thank our new coaches for their service to our gym and we’re excited to have you all interact with them for your health and fitness needs! Please reach out and introduce yourself if you haven’t met them yet! They will also try and do the same!