Transformation: Ben Haas


Transformation: Ben Haas


“I am very goal oriented, not just in life, but in the gym too. I always achieve my goals. My problem has always been what happens after I do.  I’d take breaks, time off etc. Couple with the fact that I never watched my diet, I never really pushed through any physical barriers at the gym.

This time around I decided, not to create goals, but just change my life. Go to the gym, be committed, but learn and be committed to my diet too. With help from Tyler, I honed in on my macro targets. After the results began to happen, I purposely got away from counting everything, rather being directly correct so I didn’t burn myself out if I didn’t hit my #.

Almost one year later I weigh 184lbs, down 33lbs from August of 2016. I have better balance than ever and am not obsessing over #’s, whether diet related or WOD related. I just continue to go to the gym with consistency and be directly correct with my diet. And yes, I do drink……I mean come on, tequila and I have a deep love affair.

–Haas (not Mork)”