The Open’s Over: Now What?


The Open’s Over: Now What?

The Open is behind us. The WODs have been sweat out and the results are recorded. No longer will we wait with bated breath for Thursday night’s sunshine star announcement from Sir Castro. No longer will we mentally prepare or not prepare — often explaining to every fellow CrossFItter, “this week’s movements are so not in my wheelhouse.” And no longer will we gather on Saturday mornings to throwdown as a fitfam. A lull has emerged, which begs the question, “now what?” Before getting back to life as usual, consider the following to get you better prepared for the WODs — and Opens — ahead:

1. Get out of the gym.
According to Greg Glassman’s Fitness in 100 Words, he encourages athletes to step outside the gym (“play sports”). Now that the weather has turned a corner, take a walk, run, hike, kayak, hunt, be with nature. Turn off your gym mindset for a week or so, and tune into the world for your fitness.

2. Reflect on your performance.
Make a list of each of the Open workouts and your results. Explore what you felt good about, what you despised, which strengths emerged and which weaknesses were revealed. Laying it all out there helps you see the full picture of your Open journey this year, and gives you a great comparison for next.

3. List your weaknesses.
As you reflect over your Open experience, make a particular list of the weaknesses which came to light. Bad thruster form? Poor mental stamina? Singles instead of double unders? List them all. Then prioritize them according to how important they are to change. (ex: “My thruster form is more important than trying to learn double unders right now.”

4. Develop a plan.
Take the first weakness on your list and work it. Research (or ask a coach for) progressions or strength training techniques. Drop into open gym, garner expertise from the coach and utilize equipment you may not have at home. Get an accountability partner, set a deadline and get to work.

Don’t let the Open season pass without growing from your experience. If you need help or direction, reach out to Tyler or Tina at [email protected] Now, get at it!