The 2015 Games…


The 2015 Games…

We at BCF could not be more proud of each and every one of you who came and pushed themselves these past 5 weeks. The determination and drive to succeed was so impressive, that even our guests coming in from other gyms commented on how well we move, how hard we encourage each other, and of course, how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

I’ve repeated this time and time again, but the Open doesn’t define us as athletes. It can mold our actions, it can improve our goals, it can give us the needed push to be better and have something to work towards. But the most important thing we can do as a gym is unite behind each other, encourage each other continually and learn from this experience to be better.

We all do CrossFit for the health benefits, being with others while we workout, and to look good, naturally.  None of us are going pro with CrossFit so we shouldn’t take the results with too much seriousness. But our results are a reflection on what we did well at and how we fared overall in our pursuit of elite fitness. What it doesn’t show is the sweat, gut checks, tears, blood and efforts by each and every one of you…  Be proud, everyone. Don’t let comparison, the thief of joy, rob your experiences and your health!

Here are the notable BCF athletes from the CrossFit Games Open standings:

  • Team BCF – 17th in our region! We may still make Regionals depending on individual qualifers!
  • Nick Placone – 25th in North Central (Ind)
  • Colin Dewey – 39th in North Central (Ind)
  • Carly Herald – 84th in North Central (Ind)
  • Bella Borgh – 2nd in North Central (Teens) and 20th in the world!
  • Eric Neitman – 48th in North Central (Masters 40-44)
  • Pam Pfeiffer – 12th in North Central (Masters 40-44)
  • Brooke Mascitti – 24th in North Central (Scaled)

There may be more I am forgetting, but we are all very proud of you! Time to set new goals, get back to work, and grind it out in the gym!