Technique: The Rope Climb


Technique: The Rope Climb


In today’s Technique Tuesday, we go over the rope climb and the common problem issue of foot anchoring and rope ascent.

How you anchor your foot is up for personal preference but the way Coach Tyler demonstrates it in the video is a perfect balance between safety, efficiency, and speed. Completing the drill of foot anchoring is and should be your number one goal before you even worry about the ascent to the top. Far too many times we see the athlete try to ascend before they show control in the feet

Once this drill has been mastered, bring your feet up to your hands like in a toes to bar. If this is not possible, perform knee ups and work on the foot anchor all the way up as you ascend

Like anything, practice will make you better. But it needs to be done with intent and not in workouts. Set aside time to get this wonderful movement down during open gym, or one of our professional coaches can provide you with a breakout skill session of 30 minutes. Contact us for details!